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The Rottweiler Dog – One of The Best Guard Dogs Breed That Everyone Loves

Rottweiler Dog Breed Guide

Quick Navigation ​Origin​General Appearance​Character​Rottweiler Standard Height​Overall Stats ​OriginRottweiler Dog Its origin is common to most Molossian, so it is remote and as the progenitor of the Tibetan Mastiff. Mastiff-type dogs were present in all of Germany already in ancient times. These dogs took their name from different part of this country. The name of this […]

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Bloodhounds Dogs – One of The Best Scent Tracking Dog Breed

Cute Bloodhound dog breeds picture

This dog was bred specifically for tracking human beings. You may have noticed that in the movies they always bring out the Bloodhounds whenever they are looking for an escaped prisoner or missing children.One of the physical characteristics that makes this scent tracking dog the best at what he does, is the loose, hanging skin […]

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