How to Choose a Wireless Pet Containment System for Your Dog

Having a wireless tag on its features doesn’t make it an ideal accessory to hook you up. There are other factors which are also essential to keep track of whenever you want the best. Counting from the overall price, durability, size of the fence, among many other factors, should be considered before making your final decision.

​Size of the boundary

It should be noted that wireless fences create circular boundaries, each having a maximum range it can extend to. If you have a wide yard, make sure you take home the one with an expandable range to suit your convenience. Otherwise, you will be required to combine a few transmitters if one cannot fit the perimeter of your yard.

Pet Contaiment System Guide

​Dog Weight

For the containment system to be suitable, every manufacturer has specified the minimum weight supported for a given electric signal. You can’t expect the same correction administered to a big dog will be accurate for a small one. It doesn't go like that. If you have no idea about how you can comply with the system, ask your manufacturer.

​Price of the ​Containment

Money has always been the central part of any purchasing plan. No one would want to be left empty-handed in the event of a committed purchase. This, therefore, calls for utmost consideration before you decide whether or not you need to buy something. Also, you don’t have t strain your budget to accommodate a pricey fence. There are brands which are cost-efficient delivering the same kind of correction but with minor limiting factors. So, depending on the boundary size and the quality of the wireless system, you will find a range of prices to choose from.

​Breed of Your Dog

It has come to our attention that some kind tends to be more intelligent than others. This will, in turn, save time during the training process. However, if your breed has short/long hair, you should buy a collar with adjustable prongs to suit them. But do not forget to snug-fit the collar around your canine friend comfortably.

​Battery ​Type and ​Life

You must be aware that the collar runs on battery power. And every rechargeable battery has their recharge rate and duration of its charge. Therefore, if you wish for the best alternative, go for a design whose battery charge quickly and stays for long with the charge.

The ​Weight of the ​Collar 

This area is not as essential, but worth your attention. Every collar has its design, with varying weight and size. You only have to measure the neck size of your dog and ensure it is lightweight for flexibility reasons.

These are the essential features that will aid in your choosing the best wireless pet containment system. Some electric fence has bark control feature that is good.

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